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Lingva mnemonica

Revolutionizing Language Learning through Mnemonics

The Idea origin story

We're developing an AI-powered mobile app that revolutionizes language learning using mnemonics. It generates culturally relevant, visually engaging mnemonic phrases, and associates words with images for superior recall. The app adapts mnemonic techniques to users' preferences and learning styles, enhancing engagement and improving language acquisition outcomes.

The Mission

Mission: Harness AI for effective, user-generated language learning through mnemonics. Vision: Make fun, engaging language learning accessible to all.


language learners, mnemonics enthusiasts, AI enthusiasts, kids, travelers, relocants

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

learned words are quickly forgotten, foreign languages hard to acquire, need a lot of efforts to remember words, needs lot of discipline to practice remembering, fear of language learning, decreasing of interest while language learning, negative experience of language learning, manual generation of mnemonic phrases needs much efforts

Confirmation of problem

The actuality of the problem is confirmed by frequent language learner frustrations, memory challenges encountered in traditional methods and declining interest levels during learning sessions.


Our solution is an AI-powered mobile app that generates personalized mnemonic phrases and imagery for effective language learning tailored to various user needs.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

We are a startup utilizing AI to pioneer the practice of language learning with mnemonics. Our app configures enticing, culturally apt mnemonic phrases, marrying words to images for better memory recall. It tailors mnemonic techniques according to individual preferences and modes of learning, thus escalating engagement and enhancing language mastery outcomes. We're on a mission to leverage AI for efficient, personalized language learning via mnemonics and envision making enjoyable, engrossing language education accessible universally. Our clientele includes anyone from eager learners and

How it works

Our application empowers users to craft mnemonic phrases or utilize AI-generated mnemonics, which are converted into visualized images.

Value for the client

Our app makes language learning enjoyable, efficient and stress-free by enhancing memory retention and fast-tracking your fluency.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Dmitrii Diachkov

My key role in the product

Founder, CEO, Product development

Team size and key members

Vitali Chasalou, CTO



Alternatives to our startup include language learning applications like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone and Babbel. However, they lack the core focus on Mnemonics which is our unique proposition.

Our Advantages

Our product leverages the power of AI and mnemonics to enhance cognitive recall. It delivers personalized learning experiences fostering improved knowledge retention, making complex information easier to comprehend and remember.

Business model

Subscription based model, 8-10 USD per month


We've conducted comprehensive customer interviews, drafted a precise blueprint of our solution, and meticulously defined product requirements ensuring an effective response to users' needs.

We've successfully attracted 5000 premium customers, demonstrating the viability of our business model and setting a foundation for sustained growth.


Number of foreign words memorized by users Improvement in vocabulary retention rates User satisfaction with the application's functionality and user experience


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

Our startup leverages AI to transform language learning through mnemonics. Our engaging, personalized app adapts to user preferences and styles for enhanced results. We cater to language enthusiasts, kids and travelers looking for a fun yet effective approach. By generating culturally relevant mnemonic phrases linked with images, we tackle the difficulty of acquiring foreign languages and retaining words learned. Ultimately our vision is making interactive language learning accessible globally.




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