Birth Tribes
Date of Foundation

Birth Tribes

"Connecting Birthday-based Social Communities"

The Idea origin story is a unique platform designed to create and unite communities of individuals who share the same birthday. By grouping people into 'tribes', we harness the power of 366 different birthdays celebrated each year. Our primary goal is to build connections among people through the shared joy of their special day.

The Mission

Our mission is to foster connection among birthday mates, provide them with exclusive birthday discounts from our chosen merchants, and enable profile monetization.


Our primary customers are social media-active adults (18-50) who love celebrating their birthdays. Our secondary focus is merchants offering suitable birthday products/services.

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

Everyone is excited when they meet people who share their birthday and would potentially want to hang out and celebrate their birthdays together. Currently no platform allows people to be grouped by their birthdays. No platform that gives people access to discounted products and services just because it is their birthday. Merchants are also seeking the avenue to make daily sales and in volumes.

Confirmation of problem

The actuality of the problem is confirmed by the fact that there's a lack of platforms offering birthday-based social connections and discounts.


Our startup addresses these issues by developing a dedicated platform where people can connect based on their shared birthdays. Special offers from merchants are also part of the benefits this community will enjoy daily, thereby fulfilling their desire for discounts and merchant's goal to accelerate sales.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

We're building, a social platform to unite and create communities for individuals born on the same day. Our goal is to promote camaraderie through common birthdays while providing exclusive discounts from partnered merchants and options for profile monetization. Targeting socially active adults (18-50) who find joy in celebrating their birthdays, we also cater to businesses offering birthday-centric products/services. We address two challenges: absence of a dedicated space facilitating unity among 'birthday twins' and lack of accessible platforms

How it works

Upon joining our platform, users instantly become part of communities, or 'tribes'. Leveraging their distinct profiles, we connect them with tailored discounts offered by our allied merchants.

Value for the client

BirthTribes unlocks unique social interactions among birthday mates, provides exclusive deals on special days, and enables profile monetization.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Yemi Oliyide

My key role in the product

As the founder and Chief Technology Officer at Birth Tribes, my key role entails driving product development and overseeing all technology-related decisions.

Team size and key members

Considering your current team composition, you could use a growth hacker, an operations manager, or a product/project manager to round out your enterprise.



While there's no direct competitor focusing on birthday-based social communities, our indirect competitors include major platforms Facebook, Instagram & TikTok that offer broader social interactions.

Our Advantages

Our platform, Birth Tribes, uniquely unites people worldwide sharing the same birthday. It provides compelling reasons for users & merchants to join and stay active through potential ad revenue streams and opportunities for user-monetization based on activities.

Business model

Birth Tribes generates revenue from three sources: subscription fees from premium users, commission fees from merchants, and advertising fees from sponsors. No decision on how much they pay yet.


Birth Tribes is currently in its nascent stage, diligently working towards unveiling our exciting beta version. Though monetization hasn't occurred yet, we are passionately focused on creating a revolutionary product for the public.

Our startup has initiated the beta launch, already engaging with 10,000 users and onboarded 1,000 merchants. This milestone not only generates ad revenue but also initiates premium subscription earnings.


Within six months post-beta, we anticipate attracting 10k users to our unique and engaging platform. We aim for a yearly retention rate of 40%, spurred by strong customer referral due to distinctive connectivity features that enhance lifetime value.

Leveraging our current funding, we have a runway of six months, underlining the need to generate revenue during this period to sustain continued operations.


Our company incorporated in

United Kingdom and Nigeria

Key risks

The main risks of our startup include potential privacy concerns for users, competition from social media giants adapting to the idea, difficulty in securing merchants willing to offer discounts due to different birthdays each day, and scaling issues as we grow.




We raised investments

Our Investors

The current investment comes from my savings and I need to get the project to a point where family and friends can support after which I will be looking for angel investors and venture capitalists

Rising Investments



Currently, we are raising investments



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We’re looking for a co-founders

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Additional information

Birth Tribes doesn't just connect people who share the same birthday, it fosters community and enriches celebrations. We stand out by offering discounts on products/services exclusive to birthdays.