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"Revolutionizing Parenting with Insightful Videos"

The Idea origin story

We specialize in delivering concise, quality animated videos to guide parents through various stages of their children's growth - from infancy to adolescence. Our comprehensive online video library offers essential strategies, accessible universally via a simple internet connection on any device.

The Mission

Cheap to produce, effective educational tools that are life changing


parents of all ages and grandparents

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

Obtaining affordable and quick education on how to help parent most effectively

Confirmation of problem

The actuality of the problem is confirmed by the fact that quality parenting guidance, at an affordable price and pace, remains largely inaccessible.


Our solution is an accessible, user-friendly platform featuring video content that imparts effective parenting strategies and techniques.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

Our startup simplifies parenting through insightful animated videos, offering cost-effective educational solutions for every stage of child development. Our customers are parents and grandparents seeking affordable, convenient knowledge on effective parenting strategies. Relevant technologies include video production software, cloud storage, mobile app development and online e-learning platforms.

How it works

We provide a platform for unlimited access to online videos through an affordable monthly subscription.

Value for the client

We provide parents with on-demand, meaningful animated videos aiding child rearing, a cost-effective tool bringing parenting insights into every home.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Maria Gilmour

My key role in the product

My key role is Creator and I'm responsible for conceptualizing innovative ideas, driving product development and guiding the startup's vision.

Team size and key members

You could consider adding a marketing specialist, financial analyst, and a user experience (UX) designer to your team for comprehensive growth.



Apart from Miss Rachel on YouTube, additional competitors could be other parenting vloggers and online resources like WhatToExpect and BabyCenter. Parenting coaching platforms and popular child care websites may also rival your startup.

Our Advantages

Our product offers cost-effective and rapid learning facilitated by video-based modeling studies. The content is curated professionally by clinicians, ensuring quality and reliability in every resource provided.

Business model

$10 per month subscription for unlimited access to our resources


Our prototype videos have garnered encouraging responses from both parents and clinicians on social media, underlining the potential impact of our product.

Our clientele will engage with our business model by opting for monthly subscription plans, ensuring steady support and growth for our startup.


In our behavior-focused venture, we leverage video content to offer telehealth parenting coaching. Over the past decade, all parents have flawlessly implemented strategies displayed in these videos-proving a success rate of 100% for this method.


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

Main risks include potential lack of user engagement or subscription, competition from existing parenting resources, the quality of our video content not satisfying customer expectations and the challenge of constantly keeping our content relevant and updated.




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