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Veezn GmbH

Revolutionizing Businesses with AI Solutions

The Idea origin story

At Veezn GmbH, we're reshaping the business world through innovative AI solutions. We excel in designing and implementing AI-driven hardware and software tools that enhance business processes. Our unique strength lies in developing proprietary internal AI systems, such as secure chatbots, which eliminates the need for external providers, thereby maximizing operational efficiency and data protection simultaneously.

The Mission

Become the Microsoft of AI solutions


Small to medium companies

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

Data safety, Loss of time, Shortage of qualified personnel

Confirmation of problem

Ai is just coming up now


Our startup employs AI solutions to streamline operations for small and medium-sized businesses. We tackle challenges like data security, time inefficiency, and personnel shortages by integrating innovative technology that automates tasks while bolstering self-learning capabilities for better decision-making processes.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

We are Veezn GmbH, transforming businesses with tailor-made AI solutions. We specialize in creating self-contained AI systems like secure chatbots to maximize operational efficiency and data safety for small-to-medium companies. Our mission? Be the Microsoft of AI!

How it works

Our mission is to safeguard client data as we deliver state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions.

Value for the client

Delivering efficient AI-driven tools, we enhance business processes while ensuring data safety and saving time - becoming the go-to solution for SMEs.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Mehdi Nabhani

My key role in the product

My key role is Founder and Lead Developer, primarily responsible for driving our vision forward, creating strategic partnerships, and developing cutting-edge software solutions.

Team size and key members

Building a well-rounded team would ideally include professionals like developers, designers, sales and marketing experts, as well as financial advisors.



While there may not be significant direct competitors yet, potential competition could arise from major technology firms looking into AI development such as IBM, Google's DeepMind and startups innovating in the same space.

Our Advantages

Our product is designed to seamlessly scale and adapt, catering not just for individual users but effortlessly expanding to accommodate the needs of thousands of employees.

Business model

Selling hardware and software licences.


We have successfully developed our minimum viable product and are delighted to report that we have also secured two customers. Continuing on this path, we strive for scalable growth and customer satisfaction.

We're excited to announce that our customer base has expanded by an additional 20 clients. This growth further underscores the value we provide and motivates us to strive even harder.


We leverage product metrics to gain insights on customer performance, utilizing statistical analysis for a comprehensive view. Compiling and studying the trends from the past 3-12 months, we ensure continual growth by making data-driven decisions.


Our company incorporated in

germany, cologne

Key risks

The primary risks for our startup include potential pushback due to AI mistrust, constant need for technological advancements, and strict data protection regulations. Moreover, the rapidly evolving AI market might spawn disruptive competitors. Our product’s complexity could deter adoption too.




We raised investments

Our Investors

only mmyself

Rising Investments


Investor Types

Currently, we are raising investments


not available

Estimated pre-investment valuation of the company

We’re looking for a co-founders

I'm seeking an entrepreneurial and ambitious co-founder to join Veezn GmbH, a startup focused on reshaping the business world through innovative AI solutions. We're dedicated to developing proprietary AI systems, such as secure chatbots, that enhance operational efficiency and bolster data security for small to medium-sized companies - with the goal of becoming the Microsoft of AI solutions. We are in our MVP stage and have built an ethos of valuing efficiency, data safety, and time-saving measures. The vacant position is for a person who shares our vision and is experienced in business development, sales, and marketing, as well as comfortable with technology, preferably AI. They should be proactive, possess a growth mindset and leadership skills. This role involves collaboratively defining the strategic direction of Veezn GmbH, establishing partnerships, and promoting the business. This is a unique opportunity to influence and drive the development of a promising startup in the rising field of AI. The potential for growth is strong as we aim to capture a

Open positions

AI is a budding field and Veezn GmbH is at the forefront, offering AI-driven solutions to businesses worldwide. We are seeking a dedicated, talented, and results-oriented individual for the role of [position name]. The ideal candidate will possess a strong understanding of AI principles, be comfortable designing and implementing AI software tools, and be passionate about contributing to a dynamic and evolving industry. Key responsibilities include: - [List out the roles and responsibilities of the open position in bullet points] Qualifications: - [List out the necessary qualifications and skills for the open position in bullet points] Our mission at Veezn is to become the Microsoft of AI solutions. If you share this vision and believe that you have what it takes to contribute to our team, we invite you to apply. Exciting challenges and opportunities for growth await you. As we believe in recognizing and rewarding our employees' hard work, a competitive salary package along with exciting perks will be offered. Kindly visit our website at



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