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"Startup Factory: Fostering Innovative Growth"

The Idea origin story

The Startup Factory is designed to drive entrepreneurial innovation in Australia and across the APAC region. We provide technical support to propel early-stage projects, stimulate networking, facilitate learning, and proffer crucial business opportunities for the launching and growth of initial MVPs.

The Mission

Help Startups build their first MVP to help them grow quicker


aspiring startup founders

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

Solves money when it comes to finding the right developer and also pain in having to find a technical co-founder as well as loss of time trying to find the right people in the ecosystem to connect you with customers or investors

Confirmation of problem

The actuality of the problem is confirmed by the fact that many startups often waste significant resources finding a technical co-founder and valuable connections.


My startup, "Startup Factory: Fostering Innovative Growth," serves the needs of prospective startup founders. We provide a comprehensive solution for financial constraints in hiring developers, time-consumption in finding an apt technical co-founder, and difficulties experienced while establishing

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

Our "Startup Factory" is geared towards spurring entrepreneurial innovation across the APAC region, offering pivotal technical support and networking opportunities to early-stage ideas. With a strong emphasis on facilitating rapid MVP development, our mission is to expedite startup growth by mitigating financial constraints in securing developers, eliminating prolonged searches for a technical co-founder and establishing quick access to potential customers or investors. Our primary clientele comprises ambitious startup founders. Key technologies include AI, automation tools and extensive digital ecosystems that foster collaboration.

How it works

Our startup foster's founders through a three-month journey, enabling them to create their MVP’s first version and secure market validation.

Value for the client

We accelerate startup growth by providing cost-effective technical support, fostering valuable connections, and catalyzing MVP creation.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s


My key role in the product

As a Co-founder, my primary role involves strategic planning and decision making, setting company culture and values, as well as building a strong team.

Team size and key members

In addition to Pablo, we could consider bringing on a marketing expert for customer acquisition and a financial advisor for budgeting and funding.



In addition to Hyper, potential competitors could include innovation labs who offer similar services. However, our unique selling point lies in providing value beyond mere prototypes.

Our Advantages

Our startup boasts a skilled dev team, inclusive of solutions architects and developers, coupled with an expansive network of investors and operators from Startup&Angels community - guaranteeing not only technical excellence but also powerful support.

Business model

charge 25K for the program


We've successfully constructed a comprehensive program, progressing from concept to fully actionable system.

Through strategic planning, we've marked a robust progression in our startup by tripling our investment from 1M to 3M. Equally notable is the steady growth of our customer base and traction, signaling vibrant market engagement.


We've generated considerable interest for our product with a 20-strong eager audience on the waitlist, ready to test it out. This promising start reflects how we are already resonating well in marketplaces and perform robustly once launched.


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

The main risks include finding a sustainable business model, building an initial user base, attracting top-notch talent and maintaining a competitive edge. Market unpredictability and regulatory changes could also pose challenges to our startup's growth trajectory.



no i am not interested in fundraising

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angels investors

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