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Nonalcoholic, chic, curated, storefront, and lounge

The Idea origin story

Our startup, Sans, is an upscale, modern lounge offering curated experiences in a unique bar-like atmosphere. Instead of traditional alcoholic beverages, we specialize in chic, non-alcoholic spirits attracting a diverse set of consumers who value elegance, sophistication, and a safe, inclusive social setting. Our lounge sparks conversations and cultivates connections, redefining the norms of social drinking.

The Mission

Redefined, social, drinking with a curated nonalcoholic beverage experience, promoting wellness and inclusion gen z consumers


Our customers are health-conscious individuals seeking upscale, inclusive social experiences without alcohol.

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

solves the problem of limited social options for nondrinkers in Austin, Texas, offering a chic space for health, conscious individuals and Gen Z to enjoy curated, nonalcoholic drinks, and a stylish ambience, fostering community and providing an alternative to traditional bars

Confirmation of problem

The rise in alcohol abstention, especially among Gen Z and health-conscious individuals, lacks upscale social environments.


Our solution is a stylish lounge offering bespoke non-alcoholic beverages. It's an inclusive social space embracing Gen Z and health-focused individuals, promoting enjoyable alcohol-free socializing.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

Our startup Sans is redefining social drinking with upscale non-alcoholic experiences. We provide a sophisticated, inclusive lounge for those seeking healthier alternatives and interaction opportunities in Austin. Our service caters mainly to gen Z health-conscious patrons who value wellness-oriented nightlife options. To boost our operation, mobile app development or reservation system tools could be advantageous.

How it works


Value for the client

We deliver curated, upscale sober hangouts promoting wellness & inclusion - a stylish alternative for health-conscious individuals and Gen Z.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Suzannah Merritt

My key role in the product


Team size and key members

Eric olsson, head of operations



Dear Dry - Austin Tx Boisson - NYC Spirited Away NYC

Our Advantages

Experience our product in an upscale ambiance. Connect with peers over shared health interests while exploring our carefully selected range of non-alcoholic beverages, available for immediate purchase in-store.

Business model

Make money by selling products in store and buying drinks in store


As of now, our startup is in the conceptual stage. We are extensively refining and developing our idea to ensure it effectively solves a market problem.


Our product metrics focus on store sales, tracking the volume and value of products sold. They enable us to understand buyer behavior, helping optimize offerings for increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth.


Our company incorporated in

Key risks

Primary risks to our startup could be lower profitability due to the limited market of non-drinkers, potential pushback from traditional bar-goers and unforeseen regulatory challenges around the promotion and sale of non-alcoholic beverages.



We raised investments

Our Investors

Rising Investments


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Additional information

Our initial strategy is to launch a pop-up, serving as a litmus test for market receptivity and validation.