RSC (running shoe concierge)
Date of Foundation

RSC (running shoe concierge)

A VIP concierge for 120mln runners, who 24/7 tracks shoes mileage and finds the next pair best price

The Idea origin story

20% of 600mn are regular runners, who replace their tool several times a year. It's costly: choosing a model, reviews, finding the right size at the best price (inflation is high). Each run is a proof of work, generating the mileage, timing, route; also the shoe model is marked not to miss the replacement. We collect all this data (publicly available by API in running apps) and assign a "personal concierge" who 24/7 monitors the shoe fleet and scans the vendors' stocks to offer the best price next pair, foreseeing the replacement. Daily 500k shoes are bought worldwide; this process is endless.

The Mission

We bring runners more comfort not asking for any extra effort. By offering the best prices, we make running affordable. We also improve sustainability by finding a demand on each single pair of shoes.


25-45 y.o,Regular runners,who perform, track progress.Challenged with Finding the right shoes, budget constraints.Prefer running forums,search online.Brand's Trustworthy,cost-effective are in priority

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

We save the runner's time & money on finding the right size shoes in stock at the best price (same model or analogue from other brands), with no need to read reviews.Providing shoe suppliers with an additional sales channel and an opportunity to make a personalized offer, allowing to sell models of previous generations.Nothing extra is required from both sides,rather than to log in to our platform

Confirmation of problem

I've run many marathons and know the domain well.The remaining 120mn runners had the same issues as the hundreds of runners with whom I spoke personally about this problem: buying each pair is costly.


A personalized concierge service that analyzes run and used shoes data from running apps to offer timely and the lowest price shoe replacement for runner, 24/7 monitoring all options available

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

We use API integration with running apps, AI to track wear and to scout online stores open data and stock data provided by suppliers/factories to offer runners the best shoes at the best price.

How it works

With each run, we analyze your shoe type and mileage to forecast replacement needs, scouting the market for top deals. Keep running and leave the rest to us.

Value for the client

Runners save time & money knowing they get the right shoes at the lowest price, not missing replacement moment to avoid injuries. Suppliers get a personalized sales channel, based on runner's portrait

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Dima Sable

My key role in the product

My key role is the CEO, where I shape the vision and strategy, lead market analysis, foster partnerships, and steer our overall project direction.

Team size and key members

Dima: Vision and strategy. Market insight. Established key partnerships Alex: Tech lead. Developed data analysis AI. Tom: Operations. Streamlined logistics. Marketing guru



Major competitors include fitness apps like Strava that track shoe mileage, services like RunRepeat offering reviews and price comparisons, along with numerous running shoe stores. However, no competitor combines these functions like we do.

Our Advantages

RSC merges real-time mileage tracking with AI to predict shoe life, giving tailored and affordable replacement suggestions. Our synergy with running apps and suppliers ensures runners always have the ideal shoes at great prices, distinct from generic market solutions.

Business model

We use a freemium model and get commission on shoes sold through our us. As the number of runners grows, we plan to make money from advertising and charge suppliers who want to sell through us.


In a month, we crafted an MVP manually, built a user-base of 200 local Strava members and studied their shoe-wear trends. Formed initial alliances with two major shoe brands and secured a letter of intent. We've integrated with Strava via API and set up our AI prediction model for shoe replacement.

We're on track to expand our user base to 50,000 members, augment global connections with ten top-tier running shoe brands, and establish strategic partnerships with delivery firms for effective logistics.


We closely monitor metrics like user growth, engagement and purchase conversions. Recent data shows a thriving 20% rise in our user base, augmented by a solid 15% leap in engagement. Impressively steady at an enviable rate of 85%, is the retention; while acquisition via purchases skyrocketed from humble beginnings of 25% to green heights now scaling up to glorious peak levels upwards around 40%.


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

The main risks could include potential data privacy concerns, the reliance on APIs of running apps for accurate shoe mileage tracking, unpredictable fluctuation in shoe prices and availability, acceptance by runners to trust shoe suggestions based largely on data analysis over personal preference.




We raised investments

Our Investors

just me, as a founder

Rising Investments



Currently, we are raising investments



Estimated pre-investment valuation of the company

We’re looking for a co-founders

As the Founder and CEO of RSC (Running Shoe Concierge), I am actively seeking an experienced co-founder to join us in innovating the running landscape. We've developed a unique concept with an immense potential user base consisting of the 120 million regular runners worldwide. Acknowledging the pain points in buying new shoes, which includes choosing the right model, considering reviews, finding shoes at the best price, and knowing when to replace them, we foresaw an opportunity and created a personalized shoe concierge service. Using AI and API integrations with popular running apps, we track and analyze running and shoe data continuously. Our digital concierge predicts the need for shoe replacement and scouts for the best deals from all available shoe suppliers, saving runners time and money while also providing shoe suppliers with a personalized sales channel. Currently, we are deep into our initial development stage, having created an MVP, secured several critical partnerships, and garnered a growing user base from local running communities. The team comprises myself

Open positions

We're RSC (Running Shoe Concierge), an innovative startup on a mission to transform the running world. We're seeking a technologically savvy, sports-oriented individual to join our team. The candidate will work on developing and implementing strategies to cultivate our user base and foster strong relationships with suppliers. Title: Business Development Manager Responsibilities: - Identifying and engaging effective partnerships with shoe suppliers and fitness application providers. - Leveraging market analytics to direct growth strategies and enhance user engagement. - Coordinating with the tech team to ensure smooth data analysis and AI operations. - Spearheading marketing initiatives to boost brand awareness and attract a dedicated user community. Requirements: - Proven experience in business development or related field. - Strong understanding of the athletics and fitness market, particularly running shoes. - Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. - Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced startup environment. - Familiarity with API integrations and AI technologies. Benefits: - The opportunity to shape the future of running



Additional information

RSC is at the forefront of merging tech with fitness, offering a revolutionary approach to ensuring runners have optimal footwear through AI and data analytics. Our vision is to make running more accessible and enjoyable by simplifying how runners choose and purchase their shoes.