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Date of Foundation

Penguin River

RWA one shop solution

The Idea origin story

Our startup, Penguin River, presents a comprehensive solution for tokenizing real-world assets. Our primary mission is to address and solve the liquidity issues frequently encountered with real-world assets. By leveraging blockchain technology, we enable secure, swift, and seamless tokenization, transforming these assets into easily tradeable tokens. This process bolsters liquidity and opens up new avenues for investment and asset management.

The Mission

Vision : corpate issuer would easily achieve funding goal on primary market by massive retailer adpot our product


corporate issuer and massive retail trader

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

pain and loss time to ask every assets management whether they have interest to buy corporate issuer product

Confirmation of problem

every market leader right now are facing liqudity issue on primary market


Our startup, RWA, offers a comprehensive solution for both corporate issuers and large-scale retail traders. We solve the problem of wasted time and effort it takes to inquire with each asset management company on whether they are interested in buying specific corporate products.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

Our startup, Penguin River, tokenizes real-world assets using blockchain technology to solve liquidity issues and reduce the time corporate issuers take in seeking potential asset management buyers. Our primary customers are corporate issuers and retail traders.

How it works

Our startup provides a stable coin rooted in corporate bonds and funds, ensuring steady yield generation for our users.

Value for the client

corporate issuer will raise easiler funding from us. The reason is we are adding one more application tools than only traditional ways

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Angus Yuen

My key role in the product

My key role is leading distribution, wherein I’m responsible for linking corporate issuers with our platform and ensuring seamless transactions.

Team size and key members

Consider adding a financial analyst for assessing market trends, and a risk manager to identify potential investment risks for optimal portfolio management.



Possible competitors to our RWA one-stop solution could include other fintech startups offering yield-generating stable coins, such as Ondo Finance, as well as traditional financial institutions expanding into digital asset management.

Our Advantages

Our key benefit lies in securing funding for corporate issuers in primary markets. Simultaneously, retail traders enjoy a stable daily return directly to their wallets, eliminating the need to stake stable coins elsewhere for yield generation.

Business model

we charges the corporate the tokenzied , administration fee on their product. And chrages the success rate 2% to 5% on fund raised successfully.


We're still in the early stages of our startup journey. Our founding team is being meticulously selected, and we are actively seeking advice from esteemed industry mentors to steer us towards success.

We've paused product development to refine our focus and are generating revenue via traditional channels, ensuring the company's sustainable growth.


Product Metrics Zero is a comprehensive analytics tool designed for startups. It provides insightful data to drive growth, engagement and retention while identifying crucial areas of improvement in real-time operations.


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

The main risks for our startup may include regulatory challenges in different jurisdictions, potential cybersecurity threats affecting data and assets, adoption difficulties due to a lack of understanding or trust in blockchain technology and dependency on the liquidity state of the market.




We raised investments

Our Investors


Rising Investments



Currently, we are raising investments



Estimated pre-investment valuation of the company

We’re looking for a co-founders

I am seeking a co-founder for Penguin River, a startup pioneering the tokenization of real-world assets on the blockchain. Given the disruptive potential of our venture in addressing liquidity issues in the primary market and the complexity of the fintech landscape, the co-founder should have a robust understanding of financial markets, asset management, and blockchain technology. The co-founder will not only share responsibilities in shaping the strategic direction of the startup but also in building and sustaining relationships with corporate issuers and retail traders - our primary clientele. The ability to work with regulatory frameworks across different jurisdictions and manage potential cybersecurity threats will also be fundamental. The co-founder should be prepared to join me in transforming the stagnant primary market scene through insightful and innovative product development. Together, we will make it easier for corporate issuers to achieve their funding goals, whilst providing steady yield generation for our users. As co-founder of Penguin River, you will also be responsible for helping raise the funding needed to intensify our marketing efforts and further

Open positions



Additional information

Our primary emphasis is on catering to the unique needs of our corporate clients, providing comprehensive solutions while fostering a culture of innovation among our team. As an open resource platform, we readily avail ourselves to meet our client's demands, ensuring optimized and effective service delivery.