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MoveWise: Elevating logistics with cutting-edge, client-focused solutions.

The Idea origin story

MoveWise is laser-focused on tackling the prevalent challenges in the logistics industry, such as inefficient load discovery, wasted return trips, high carbon emissions, and trust issues. Leveraging our cutting-edge mobile app, we provide drivers and carriers with seamless load and capacity tracking, prevent empty return trips, and mitigate trust issues, all without any registration fees. All in all, our goal is for MoveWise to bring about a new standard of efficiency and reliability in the logistics industry.

The Mission

MoveWise aims to increase operational efficiency and provide customers (drivers and producers) with an excellent experience by offering innovative solutions in the logistics sector


Our customers include carriers of all sizes, businesses in retail, manufacturing & e-commerce sectors - specifically SMEs and larger enterprises with diverse transportation needs.

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

MoveWise addresses key pain points in the logistics industry including difficulties in finding loads and carriers, empty return trips for carriers, high carbon emissions, trust issues and inefficiencies due to lack of load+capacity tracking.

Confirmation of problem

The actuality of the problem is affirmed by ongoing inefficiencies, unoptimized routes, and neglected environmental impacts in logistics.


Our solution is a mobile app that streamlines logistics—enhancing load discovery, preventing empty return trips, improving reliability and enabling real-time tracking.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

At MoveWise, we're revolutionizing the logistics industry by addressing key challenges like inefficient load discovery and high carbon emissions. We combine modern technology with client-focused solutions to ensure seamless tracking of loads and capacities for carriers. With customers spanning from SMEs to large enterprises, our goal is to enhance efficiency while delivering an excellent experience. Leveraging our innovative mobile app, we facilitate load search efforts, minimize unproductive return trips thereby lowering carbon footprints and instill a stronger sense of trust within the supply

How it works

Our mobile app empowers drivers with easy load finding while preventing empty return trips, reducing carbon footprint and enhancing reliability.

Value for the client

Our app enhances earnings and productivity for drivers, boosts efficiency, savings and sustainability for manufacturers, while improving transparency.

Market and strategy

Market size

80 739,16


We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Furkan Kaan Terzioğlu

My key role in the product

My key role is as the CEO and I'm responsible for overall strategic planning, executing projects effectively, and driving the growth through network marketing.

Team size and key members

We are a strong team, including Mehmet Mustafa Tunç as COO, Melis Elif Tunç as CFO, Ömer Can Terzioğlu as CMO and Kerem Erkubilay our CTO. Their expertise drives our project success.



Our prospective competitors include established logistics platforms such as Flexport, Convoy and Transfix. In addition, we also see digital freight marketplaces like Uber Freight and startups experimenting with blockchain in logistics as potential rivals.

Our Advantages

Our product ensures optimized load utilization and strategic route planning for logistics companies, boosting operational efficiency. Our dynamic platform provides access to real-time visibility for all parties involved in the transaction, fostering transparency and trust. Moreover, our solution promotes supply chain collaboration, enhancing end-to-end coordination that leads to significant time and cost savings.

Business model

App Revenue Model: A commission is charged to both users (from both the driver and the manufacturer) after a successful transportation.


We are in the midst of refining our Android MVP, with certain areas identified for improvement. The development phase for our iOS application is yet to commence its MVP process.

After our initial funding round, we will prioritize our core strategies. The focus will be on scaling up revenue streams while simultaneously optimizing marketing efforts and enhancing human resources for better productivity.


We track five key metrics: Customer Acquisition Cost, which reflects our spending to attract new customers; Lifetime Value, the anticipated revenue from a customer's full lifecycle; Churn Rate, demonstrating customer satisfaction levels; Monthly Active Users providing insights into engagement; and Conversion Rates evaluating platform performance.

Key startup metrics include Revenue Growth Rate, which reveals income increase speed; Gross Margin, reflecting profitability after production costs; Monthly Burn Rate of cash expenditure, and Customer Acquisition Cost for evaluating spending on acquiring new clients.


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

Potential risks for MoveWise could include steep competition, varying regulations in different markets, swift technology changes impacting app functionality.




We raised investments

Our Investors

Our startup is primarily backed by angel investors, venture capitalists (VCs), and various accelerators. Each offers unique benefits and resources.

Rising Investments



Currently, we are raising investments


Net income after all expenses and taxes are deducted; €80.739,16 (2025), €120.331,00(2026), €1.039.699,55 (2027), €5.874.236,14 (2028)

Estimated pre-investment valuation of the company

We’re looking for a co-founders

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Additional information

MoveWise optimizes logistics with a mobile app. We solve industry issues like empty trips & load tracking for drivers & carriers, creating a more efficient & sustainable ecosystem