International School of America
Date of Foundation

International School of America

Innovative Global Education Alternative

The Idea origin story

Our startup, the International School of America, revolutionizes education by offering students globally an expansive online library of personalized educational resources. Our learning approach emphasises project-based learning and portfolio development, fostering a dynamic and customized learning environment accessible to all.

The Mission

"Empowering global learners through a tailored online education platform, promoting innovative project-based learning and personal development."


Homeschool parents who are looking for an alternative to the right wing homeschool curriculums, international parents who are looking for more educational resources for their child

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

anxiety about their child's education

Confirmation of problem

The actuality of the problem is confirmed by growing concerns among parents about gaps in current educational resources and curriculum biases.


My solution lies in providing an adaptable, globally-focused curriculum that alleviates parental worries about their child's education.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

Our startup, International School of America, offers a comprehensive online library rich in educational resources promoting bespoke project-based learning methods. Our primary mission is to empower global learners via a tailored education platform that champions innovation and personal growth. Primarily targeting homeschool parents desiring diverse curriculum options and international parents seeking enriched education for their wards, we address concerns about quality of children's education. Key technologies could include AI-driven personalized learning systems and cloud-based content delivery platforms.

How it works

Our startup offers students globally access to top-notch European and Asian international school curriculums, all affordably subscription-based.

Value for the client

"We provide customized, innovation-driven education to global students, fostering academic growth while reducing anxieties about learning."

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Brian Tupper

My key role in the product

As the founder of our startup, my central role involves creating a comprehensive learning library and integrating curriculums within the Google for Education framework.

Team size and key members

Currently, I am the sole member of my team and exploring possibilities to add talents in areas like tech development, marketing, and finance.



Our competitive lanscape primarily includes homeschool curriculums like Oak Meadow, Acellus Academy, and Monarch. These organizations also focus on providing online educational resources globally.

Our Advantages

Our curriculum provides expansive access to lessons on various platforms, with a unique focus on career navigation and personal development, nurturing not just knowledgeable but empathetic individuals.

Business model

We have a tiered plan: $19.99 for lesson library access, $34.99 for our career education platform.


We have widened the Defined Careers curriculum, integrating a comprehensive College and Future Schools Database. Additionally, we've enlisted a sales representative in Korea to bolster our global reach.

We're extending our educational platform into South Korea, fostering partnerships with various school districts and PTAs seeking home-based curricula for their students.


As we transitioned from a Covid-learning model to an alternative homeschooling option against the prevailing conservative curriculums in the market, our student intake remains steady awaiting fresh enrollments.


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

The main risks to our startup could include low global adoption of online learning, difficulty in maintaining content quality and personalization, emerging competition from similar platforms, relative unpredictability of ed-tech market trends or stringent regulations.




We raised investments

Our Investors

Only me

Rising Investments



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Additional information

Our startup cultivates compassion as a fundamental life skill. We engage individuals through dynamic programs that nurture kindness, foster empathy and promote understanding towards others, thereby inspiring personal growth to make the world a better place.