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GiftSuite makes ordering a gift as easy as ordering an Uber

The Idea origin story

At GiftSuite, we're revolutionizing the gifting experience by addressing the needs of last-minute shoppers - a demographic that encompasses a whopping 74% of consumers. Primarily targeting millennials and Gen Z - a demographic already familiar with on-demand services like Uber Eats - we strive to make gifting as convenient as ordering a meal. From birthdays, housewarmings, to baby showers, we've got you covered for all major occasions. Moreover, with sustainability at heart, our gifts promise eco-friendliness.

The Mission

At GiftSuite, we're committed to making gifting as effortless and eco-friendly as possible for today's on-demand generation.


Our customers are primarily last-minute shoppers, millennials and Gen Z familiar with on-demand services.

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

Forgetting to buy a gift, last minute stress shopping, no need to run to the store and deal with crowds, parking, time spent, having a gift arrive to a friend across the country in time.

Confirmation of problem

We solve the pain and stress experienced by the large group (74% of consumers) of last-minute shoppers.


GiftSuite solves last-mile gift delivery, making it as easy as ordering a pizza. Our offerings are eco-friendly and universally appealing.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

How it works

Our platform enables customers to buy gifts on an app, with delivery arranged directly to either themselves or the intended recipient.

Value for the client

Our customers find value in the convenience of purchasing thoughtful, beautiful gifts via their phone and being viewed as a star gift-giver.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Sangita Verma

My key role in the product

Founder, CEO. Fundraising, product curation, partnerships

Team size and key members

My key role is Founder and CEO, where I am responsible for fundraising, developing and managing partnerships.



Today you can order an item as a gift via the delivery apps but the item does not look like a gift - no wrapping, card. They are just the items as sold at retail. If an item is sold as a gift basket, then it feels more like a gift.

Our Advantages

Our product stands out for its high-perceived value, thoughtful design and eco-conscious approach. We ensure that each gift feels personal, useful and genuinely delightful while simultaneously promoting sustainability.

Business model

We operate like a retailer in the sense we purchase the items at wholesale and mark-up to sell.


We've strategically pinpointed our premier product and distribution partners, while also meticulously crafting an innovative initial marketing strategy to propel us forward.

Our model will be validated and deployed on a large scale across a minimum of five leading markets.


Our product metrics focus on user engagement, retention, and revenue growth. By analyzing these areas in detail through sophisticated measurement tools, we can draw actionable insights that lead to continuous improvement.

Our startup is currently pre-revenue, yet commands a promising corporate gifting sector that contributes approximately $300K to our annual revenue.


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

Main risks include competition from existing online shops, changing consumer preferences for personalizing gifts and potential low adoption if the delivery isn't prompt or lacks gift variety. We may also face challenges in keeping products eco-friendly while ensuring appeal.




We raised investments

Our Investors

Founder/CEO - 100%

Rising Investments



Currently, we are raising investments



Estimated pre-investment valuation of the company

We’re looking for a co-founders

I am seeking a co-founder for my startup, GiftSuite - an on-demand, same-day gift delivery platform designed to revolutionize the gifting experience by turning last-minute shopping into an effortless, stress-free endeavor. Our mission is to make gifting as simple and eco-friendly as possible for today's on-demand generation. Hence, we focus on millennials and Gen Z consumers who often find themselves scrambling to secure thoughtful gifts. In a market worth approximately $20 billion per year in the US alone, we've devised a unique solution that addresses the urgent gifting needs and, at the same time, caters to the desire for eco-friendly products. Our platform allows customers to order a gift through an app, which is then delivered to the intended recipient or directly to the purchaser. This offering guarantees our customers are always perceived as star gift-givers, without any of the hassle typically associated with gift shopping.

Open positions

Company Description: GiftSuite is an innovative startup, dedicated to refining the art of gifting. We aim to turn the chore of last-minute gift shopping into a smooth, enjoyable process. As convenient as ordering an Uber, our platform enables customers to purchase and dispatch beautifully crafted, sustainable gifts directly to the recipient – in just a few clicks. As a result, our customers shine as stars in the gifting arena, effortlessly delivering heartfelt presents that leave a significant impact on their loved ones. Role Summary: We're seeking a dynamic, resourceful and dedicated individual to join our team as Business Development Manager. In this critical role, you'll facilitate key partnerships, identify opportunities for growth, and help us expand our reach within the market. Your efforts will be central to propelling our startup forward as we aim to revolutionize the process of gifting. Responsibilities: 1. Identifying, securing and managing partnerships 2. Exploring opportunities for growth and expansion 3. Working closely with the CEO



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