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Date of Foundation

Cloud Catalog

Comprehensive Cloud Services Marketplace

The Idea origin story

Our platform, Cloud Catalog, revolutionizes the cloud services market by encouraging competition and maximizing opportunities for service providers. It allows businesses to auction project requests, inviting quotes from various service providers. This marketplace approach fosters a level platform for all, providing an impartial space where companies can select the best match based on quotes and expertise. We aim to break the monopoly of the dominant few, promoting growth and fair opportunities for every provider.

The Mission

Enabling businesses to discover optimal cloud services via competitive bids, enhancing market transparency, and promoting equal opportunities.


Our customers would be businesses operating in the cloud. Our service providers would be the validated partners offering the services.

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

Our product addresses the challenge of finding tailored cloud consulting services by offering a platform for businesses to easily connect with a wide range of service providers, facilitating competitive bidding to ensure best value and fit.

Confirmation of problem

The problem is confirmed by uneven client distribution among providers, with many businesses struggling to efficiently source competitive cloud solutions.


Our solution is a streamlined marketplace platform, linking businesses with validated cloud consulting service providers, ensuring optimal value and fit.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

Cloud computing, artificial intelligence for smart matchmaking, blockchain for transparent transactions and secure bidding mechanism.

How it works

Our platform empowers businesses to post project requirements, invites service providers to competitively bid and facilitates informed approaches for companies through comparison of offers, thereby ensuring maximum value in terms of quality and pricing.

Value for the client

We provide businesses the ease to discover best-fit cloud services through competitive bids, promoting market transparency and equality.

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

Muhamed Hodzic

My key role in the product

My key role is Sales in our startup and I'm responsible for delivering persuasive pitches, securing potential investors, and driving revenue growth.

Team size and key members

As we continue to grow, we're considering bringing on more personnel in areas like marketing, product design and customer support to broaden our expertise.



Potential competitors could include established cloud marketplaces such as IBM Cloud and Oracle. Smaller, niche players in the cloud consulting space may also pose competition.

Our Advantages

Our platform uniquely integrates AI to optimize match-making between projects and providers, offers unparalleled customization for project listings, and boasts a user-centric design ensuring ease of use. With real-time analytics, we empower clients to make informed decisions quickly, setting us apart in facilitating efficient, tailored cloud solutions.

Business model

Service providers pay us a fee to bid on projects posted by the customer. Initially each bid will be a flat fee of $199


We're at the conceptual stage, carefully refining our unique idea to ensure it brings exceptional value to its future users.

As funding depletes, our goal is to secure robust user adoption, revenue streams and investor engagement. These cornerstones will bolster our sustainability and carve out avenues for future financings.


Our key product metrics involve user engagement (captured through active users and time spent), conversion rates, success in pairing suitable matches, revenue generation from bidding fees, coupled with the critical aspect of user satisfaction measured via their direct ratings.

As our startup is still in the ideation phase, we are yet to implement financial metrics. However, as soon as operations commence, comprehensive financial measures will be established to monitor progress.


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

The primary risk is achieving customer adoption, as the platform's success hinges on attracting enough projects to maintain a vibrant marketplace.




We raised investments

Our Investors

No investors yet

Rising Investments



Currently, we are raising investments


6 million

Estimated pre-investment valuation of the company

We’re looking for a co-founders

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