Date of Foundation


Browser history manager

The Idea origin story

Chronicle is a startup that revolutionizes the way you interact with your browser history. Using advanced techniques such as natural language processing and data visualization coupled with a learning algorithm (Local LLM), Chronicle imports this history, analyzes its content, and provides valuable insights. You can query these insights directly, ensuring privacy and tailoring information to your preferences.

The Mission

At Chronicle, we empower users to leverage their browser history for personal insights through advanced analytics and privacy-centric design.


Our potential customers are anyone with internet access who values insightful organization of browser history for increased productivity.

Problems we solve

Client’s problem

Loss of time, security, privacy

Confirmation of problem

Existing solutions do not prioritize the user's experience high enough


Our solution is a robust browser history manager tool that ensures time efficiency, security and upholds privacy.

Our technologies

This solution is based on technologies

We utilize machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze, sort, and visualize browser history data for enhanced productivity.

How it works

Our innovative app imports and analyzes users' browsing data, leverages AI to learn patterns, then visualizes insights to streamline web usage.

Value for the client

"Chronicle enhances productivity by transforming your browser history into insightful data, ensuring personal privacy and time efficiency."

Market and strategy

Market size



We estimate the market size for which our solution is designed in monetary terms as follows

Market share goal


% of the market

Is our goal in the next 3 years


My name’s

David Adam Justice

My key role in the product

My key role is the Technical Founder and I'm responsible for overseeing all technical aspects, including product development and system infrastructure.

Team size and key members

Potential team members could include a Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Marketing Director, Sales Manager and Customer Support Specialist.



There are a couple of toy browser extensions that demo some possibilities but beyond that there is nothing

Our Advantages

We are revolutionizing the web browsing experience by merging unparalleled privacy measures with ground-breaking innovation, taking a product that largely remained stagnant since its inception to new heights.

Business model

We currenly make no money, as we are still in the MVP development phase, we plan to add pro features in the future


Our MVP has significantly evolved, gaining positive reception from all our audiences. This signifies a promising start and validates the strength of our concept.

Company will have acquired a substancial about amount of free tier users and a healthy portion of paying customers


Our primary product metrics include Daily Active Users (DAU) and user-engagement measured as time spent within the app. These key indicators shed light on our product's reach, utility, and overall performance in real-time conditions.


Our company incorporated in


Key risks

Main risks of my startup could include potential competition from bigger tech companies, the need for substantial user adoption rate to sustain revenue and possible difficulties in fetching content from certain websites with restrictions from crawling.




We raised investments

Our Investors


Rising Investments



Currently, we are raising investments


I have no idea

Estimated pre-investment valuation of the company

We’re looking for a co-founders

I am searching for a motivated, like-minded Co-Founder for my startup, Chronicle—a browser history management tool crafted to reimagine the way individuals interact with their web data. Chronicle applies advanced techniques such as natural language processing and data visualization with a learning algorithm, making it a real digital revolution in browsing history management. As a Co-Founder, you would help drive the startup's vision, building an internet solution that has usability, security, privacy, and time efficiency, all at our heart. This position requires someone demonstrably committed to innovation, knowledgeable about market segmentation, and with significant experience in tech-oriented startup ecosystems. Preferably, we are looking for someone with a background in business and marketing that understands the strategies to grow our user base and convert free users into paying ones. Emphasizing privacy while improving user experience is a complex task, but harnessing this immense market potential is our aim. Currently, Chronicle is at the MVP stage and we are seeking additional talent and funding to continue our development

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